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Biomass is one of the abundant renewable energy sources that shows promising benefits for energy demands in a sustainable manner. Many studies have proved that it could yield different bioproducts like biochar, bio-oil through thermochemical conversion such as pyrolysis which involve heating of the biomass under limited oxygen atmosphere inside a closed container. After complete thermochemical conversion, the produced biochar can be utilized for fuel source and are being explored for various environmental and agricultural applications. From these perspectives, our team has designed and demonstrated the simple and cost-efficient biochar production systems that could be afford by farmers to produce biochar in their farms for enriching soil and promote its fertility. The biochar has been produced from different feedstocks has also been characterized through various analytical techniques. A customised multi-mode microwave pyrolysis reactor of power 2 kW has been fabricated by our team to produce biochar in large scale. To bridge the existing gap associated with the optimized production of biochar from agro-industrial wastes and to aid the development of bio-based economy, our enthusiastic team is working on microwave pyrolysis of different biomass for superior biochar production to eliminate the different constraints associated with applications in soil fertility amendments. Our long-term goal is to create awareness and more entrepreneurs in adopting the biochar technology with in-depth knowledge and make the nation as a self-reliant country.

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