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National Conference on Waste to Energy, Carbon Capture, and Storage (NCWECCS 2017) from 3rd-5th August, 2017

NCWECSS 2017 was organized by the BEE Lab, Department of Biotechnology and Medical Engineering, NIT Rourkela in collaboration with the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The conference provided a platform for eminent scientists, and about 80 research scholars from academia and industries all over India to disseminate their findings on themes related to solid waste management, alternative energy, algal technologies and different carbon sequestration processes.


Biotechnology Popularization and Skill Development Programme (BPSDP) 2020 from 24th -25th January, 2020

BPSDP 2020 was systematized by the BEE Lab, in collaboration with the Biotechnology Research Society of India (BRSI) and supported by the Genesys Club, Student Activity Centre (SAC) NIT Rourkela to delineate the scope of Biotechnology and motivate the school kids for pursuing careers in research fulfilling the socio-economics needs of the country. The two-day program involved theory sessions on bioprocess technologies, waste management, tissue engineering and cancer biology along with practical sessions on biomedical engineering. A brain storming session “Bio-quiz” provided a platform to think and explore different dimensions of Science. The exhibition “Beyond the box 3.0” demonstrated 20 models developed by the school kids on thematic areas of agriculture and environment showcasing their interests and remarkable capabilities to drive research in near future.


Crash Course on Climate Change and Its Consequences: Part of Climate Change Reality Project on 10th October, 2020

Necessitating the immediate urge to address the issues linked to climate change and global warming, Dr. P. Balasubramanian gave a detailed talk highlighting the underlying reasons and consequences during the one-day programme on Crash Course on Climate Change and Its Consequences, as a part of the Climate Change Reality Project. The programme was also supported by the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan cell and the Genesys Club, Student Activity Centre (SAC) of NIT Rourkela. The online programme received much attention with 400 participants and provided the much needed insights on the challenges of climate change and discussed the techniques to strategically mitigate the issue.


The researchers at BEE lab also work in collaboration with the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA) team of NIT Rourkela to translate the technological outcomes from laboratory for bringing in sustainable rural transformations through various societal outreach activities.

  • Plantation drives and organic farming programs to sensitize the villagers about sustainable agricultural practices

  • Demonstration of farm waste management practices like biochar production and vermicomposting and its implementation to improve crop productivity

  • Programs on women health, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)

  • COVID 19 Awareness program series like National Level Quiz, one-day workshop on present scenario of COVID 19 and Chaos, Curiosity and COVID 19: A Biotechnologist Perspective

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